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Aerol has a sterling reputation for designing premium casters, running gear, and ground support equipment for the military, aviation, and aerospace sectors.  Add in the engineering and manufacturing expertise of Caster Concepts, and the sky’s the limit to what we can design and manufacture to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

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Solutions for All Applications


Aerospace is a diverse and demanding industry. Platforms used in aircraft and spacecraft assembly must be able to handle hundreds of thousands of pounds while maneuvering safely and efficiently. While outside, ground support equipment is needed to transport in all kinds of environmental conditions. Aerol offers a complete line of aerospace industry casters that are up to par for the grueling demands of aerospace applications, including a complete line of aluminum casters that are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, yet durable.


Ground Support Equipment

The ground support equipment industry requires the “beyond standard” durability that Caster Concepts offers. Whether it’s a luggage cart, cargo deck, cargo dollie, aircraft maintenance stand, or other related equipment, if it moves on wheels, it must withstand the elements and the constant wear and tear it undergoes daily.

Harsh weather environments brought upon by rain and snow, or hot and frigid temperatures make choosing the right caster an important one for longevity and performance. Add in uneven surfaces and imperfections this equipment is moving across, and you’ll find choosing a ground support caster or wheel from Caster Concepts can help you avoid a bumpy ride in more ways than one.


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